How to continue to make money from London escorts

When I left London escorts, I did not really have a lot of career prospects to speak of as far as I was concerned. However, I had always enjoyed writing so I thought that I might give that a go. At first, I was totally unfocused and did not know what to write about. Then it dawned on me that I could write about my escorts in London career. I was not expecting the book to sell really well, and when I was rolling in money a year later, I could only say that I was totally taken back.

When my book was first published on Amazon, I was contacted by some of the gents that I had met at escorts in London. They were worried that I was going to spill the beans on them and reveal all o their sexy escorts in London liaison secrets. Like a good girl I had changed all of the names. I did not want to risk it all on one book, just in case my new career failed and I had to go back to London escorts. When I realised that it had succeeded, I did not worry too much. Perhaps some of the guys could identify themselves but why should I worry about that.

After another year, the sales started to slow down a little bit. I was just enjoying life in general and even had a boyfriend that I liked. He was a bit older than me and we had dated at London escorts for a while. He knew about the book, and was keen for me to continue my new found literary career. It was not long before I was sat at my desk penning my next London escorts ebook. This one was ever hotter than the first one, and the working title was Revelations of a London escort. It was published a couple of months later, and was soon a best seller. This time, it did not stay published as an eBook for very long. A publishing company picked up, and every time I walked past Waterstone, I had to squeeze my partner’s hand and giggle a little bit. I could not believe what I had achieved.

It was then I received an email from a London based agent. He had been approached by a Hollywood studio and they were interested in turning my London escorts novels into a movie. I had to pinch myself as I found myself on the way to Los Angeles in a first class British Airway seat. By that time, I had written my third book which was called Confessions of a London escort. It has stir both among the British press and London escorts. The girls from London escorts were anxiously wondering if they were in, and my former dates were getting concerned as well. It was just a complete work of fiction, but those guys in Hollywood certainly made my story sound true. And yes, I don’t think that I will ever be able to spend the proceeds.

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