Are You Bored with your Sex life

A couple of months ago, I became really bored with my sex life. All of the 5 signs were there and I just knew that I could not put up with my current lover any longer. If you like, I kind of needed to do a reset and decided to take a month off from London escorts. I had worked really hard at sexy low priced London escorts all last year without a break, so I figured that I was allowed to have some time out and just chill out. I dumped my boyfriend and told him about my plan to have a month away from London escorts.

He seemed a bit surprised as he knew that I loved working for London escorts, but he seemed less surprised to be dumped. Maybe he knew that he was not living up to my expectations, and maybe he just realised that he was not making me happy in bed anymore. As we were not living together, I did not feel that I had any special commitment to him, so I told him to collect his stuff and I may see him later. At the time I was feeling very frustrated and I just want to pack my bags and go. I said goodbye to the sexy girls at London escorts and packed my bags and headed for Jamaica. My friends from London escorts knew I had a thing about Adults Only resorts, and knew exactly where I was headed. Well, it was a cold February in London and I really needed to get some warm into my bones.

The best place to do that would be my favorite adults resort in Jamaica. If you happen to be bored with your sex life, I would recommend to take your head out of gear for a while and explore the world. I have been through the process before and even ended up working as a porn star in Los Angeles during one of my breaks from London escorts. However, there is nothing like a little fun and games and winter sunshine at Hedonism II. Before I packed my bags, I had checked out the action at the resort for the next two weeks, and I knew they were having a single party. It sounded right up my street. On arrival at the resort, I spotted him right away. As I walking to my room, I saw him doing yoga by the pool. My friends back at our London escorts service would have enjoyed the site as well.

He was wearing a pair of small tight pink swimming trunks and I could not wait to get a closer look at what I could put in my mouth. I gave him a look that said it all, and rushed to my room to change into what an almost non existent bikini. Half an hour later, I was getting ready to lose my frustrations. We started out with some yoga moves to loosen up a little bit, and then we just down to enjoying the sunshine and each other. And yes, what I found in those tight trunks did not disappoint me at all.

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