A Basildon Escorts bring happiness to my life

I feel so alive and happy when I am with my girl. She is the reason why I choose to stay happy and love. She is the reason why I want to become better and to take the right path. She is an inspiration to me, the love of my life, and my ultimate happiness. Well, I believe now, that love brings joy to the presence of people. It gives us this kind energy that no matter how tired we are, we’re not going to lose control and give up. It makes us brave to face all the lives challenges in life. Whenever we feel sad, we have our partner for us. Our loneliness replaces with joy. We are not afraid anymore to trust, and in love again, the right partner will prove to us that it is okay to give another try. They will never be the same person we have before. A love that is always worth the risks. When we are in love, it feels like everything seems right and the world is on our favor. When we are in love, it feels like heaven and floating with love and happiness.


I promise myself that after a painful break-up I have been through, I won’t love again. I am done and tired by giving all my best and still took for granted. That feeling that you thought you are the only one, and her forever. That feeling that you already plan your future, but she ruins it. And it just sucks. It is painful because I have to be strong in front of her, acting like I wasn’t hurt but deep inside it was killing me and want to punch anyone else. I have been in a seven years relationship before, and I trusted her so much. We dream together and slowly aim it. I am proud of her, and her achievements in life. She is famous in social media because of her beauty.


She is an ideal woman, and feel lucky to have her all that time. I gave her everything as I can, I know it is too much, but she is my love and wants to make her happy. I assume in our love so much that when it ends, it’s like my world shuts down. I caught her kissing another man, and little did I know, they are together for a long time. She told me everything and desperately break up with me. I don’t know what to do; I feel so sad and lonely. I hate going out, and isolate myself at home. I can’t handle the pain. I travel to London and stay in Basildon. I have been here for years now, got to know a Basildon escort from https://charlotteaction.org/basildon-escorts. She is beautiful and kind. She is different from my ex-girlfriend. And whenever I am with her, I feel comfortable and secure. A Basildon Escorts bring happiness to my life


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