February 2019



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I don’t how many times my friend Sue has told me that she cannot communicate with her partner in bed or otherwise. The fact is that Sue is an excellent communicator. She has been working for London escorts for almost three years now, and can really talk to people at all levels. But, it all stops when she comes home from work as the very best London escort. For some reason she does not seem to be able to get through to her boyfriend, and that is really frustrating for her. I am always trying to reach out says Sue.


Brian, Sue’s partner, is not a good communicator and they have lots of rows. In bed, he doesn’t seem to understand that he isn’t always turning Sue on. When she tells him, he just gets offended. I know it is a really tough thing to talk about, but we simply must if we are going to stay together. The thing is that Sue often blames herself. She does not understand how she can communicate well when she is working for London escorts, but it all falls apart when she comes home. Perhaps her dates at London escorts are prepared to listen, and this is what makes the difference.


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