April 2019

When I left London escorts I decided that I would go on a sex fast for 30 days. It may sound like a weird idea to you, but the truth was that I felt that I had this huge need to reset my life. For the past 10 years since I had worked for charlotte escorts, I had been the perfect little sex kitten on a nightly basis. Sure, it had been fun, but I felt that I needed a complete change of scene and do something different with my life.

When sex has been a major player in your life, it can be hard to wean yourself of it. I had heard the same story many times when other girls had left London escorts. Many former London escorts have a really hard time to let go of their sexy charlotte escorts image. I did not want to get stuck in a rut, so I made this pact with myself to detox my life from all things sex. It was not going to be easy, but I knew that if I wanted to move on from London escorts, I had to do something.

The first thing I did was to clear out my lingerie drawer and wardrobe. Instead of slipping into a La Perla bra and knickers every morning, I popped down to my local Marks and Spencer and invested in some sensible lingerie as my mom would have called it. Marks and Spencer lingerie is not really something that the girls at London escorts would wear. When I was in the store, I soon realised I must have spent a small fortune on lingerie during my time with London escorts. Marks and Spencer lingerie was certainly a lot cheaper than La Perla.

The second thing I did was to make sure that I did not visit any porn sites. I love watching porn and it was an addiction which started long before I joined London escorts. But, if I was going to complete my sexual fast I realised that it meant staying away from everything porn and sex. That was going to be easier said than done as there is so much sex all around us these days. If you would truly like to dejunk your life from sex, I think that you need to let go of it.

Did it work? Well, I must admit that I was tempted to reach for my sex drawer after about two weeks. Since I had been with London escorts, I had really got into sex toys and I had built up rather a collection. But I did manage to stay true to myself and I stayed away from all things sex. Did I feel better for it? At the end of the 30 days I did appreciate that I had got a lot of things achieved. Instead of going around and feeling horny all of the time, I had managed to redirect my sexual energy. Would I do a sex fast again? I am not sure about that. I have come to realise that sex is an important part of my life and I don’t think that I am ever going to be able to live without sex…

The time that I have spent in trying to find the right person for me is already too much. I’ve come to the point in my life that I have already given up on love and relationship. I admit that I have let the pressure get the best of me and it has ruined any of my chances in having a relationship with a wonderful girl. It’s really not too bad to expect nothing in life; I have learned that a man can live happier and better life without lots of expectation. After taking a break from dating, I have been able to have had the chance of meeting a wonderful lady. She is a  hot West Midland escort and I do not believe that I have had a chance to meet a lady like this woman before. She just have an attitude like anything is possible and that is a very nice feeling to have. Being able to have the chance in spending time with a West Midland escort like her and not try to make her mine is going to be a waste of opportunity. That’s why I tried to gather all of the courage that I have in trying to impress a West Midland escorts. It took so long for a woman like that gain her trust but in the end she finally saw that I was not playing around at all. This West Midland escort might be the most perfect person that I have ever been with. When a man is finally sure about what he feels with a woman. He generally will always try to do everything to make her happy. And that is what I did with this West Midland escort. She is not a girl that is easily impressed, but I do enjoy the challenge. It’s very interesting to me to meet a girl who gives me so much pleasure in just near spending time with her. She is the real deal and I would be a fool if I let a great opportunity such as this West Midland escort slip my hands. It was not on my plan to fall in love this quickly in my life but thankfully it was with a woman who is funny and honest. I and this West Midland escort are serious about wanting to start a family in the future. But that does not mean that we are rushing anything. We are perfect fine in doing things slowly but surely. It’s the best way to get to know a person. I do not have any expectations with my relationship with a West Midland escort. But I do hope that everything will go great between the both of us. Her love is like heaven to me and I would be disappointed with myself if I will not make a woman like her happy. It’s my responsibility to make my girl happy.…


Pornography is one of the most common things in everyday life, yet such a taboo to talk about (especially for the ladies) said by the lovely and sexy girls at St. John’s Wood Escorts Agency. This is partly due to the associations with the act of sex, but mostly because of the negative associations linked with porn.

Why is porn viewed as a negative thing? Why do many people believe that one shouldn’t watch porn? Turns out, because they do not understand what pornography means by itself said by the lovely and sexy girls at St. John’s Wood Escorts Agency from https://charlotteaction.org/st-johns-wood-escorts/. There are a number of myths about porn that have no basis in truth. Here are the top five porn myths busted.

  1. Pornography destroys real relationships

A lot of people believe that a person who loves porn will not be able to sustain a real relationship because porn objectifies people, and that is how s/he will view the world as. This is absolutely untrue. All adults know the difference between reality and fantasy said by the lovely and sexy girls at St. John’s Wood Escorts Agency. Porn is simply a release, a form of entertainment, and is no different from a video game – would you say a video game will make someone want to shoot people in their life?

  1. Pornography makes sex expectations unrealistic

It is often claimed that watching porn regularly makes your expectations from your partners unreal. This is false, because a person who is watching porn knows that it is not much different from a movie. Watching porn and having sex in real life are two entirely different ballgames said by the lovely and sexy girls at St. John’s Wood Escorts Agency. You might like to cuddle with your partner in bed, but you wouldn’t want to watch that in porn. The reverse applies to.

  1. Pornography increases risk of Sexual Offences

Many often say that watching pornography will mean that you are more likely to indulge in a sexual crime said by the lovely and sexy girls at St. John’s Wood Escorts Agency. Well, there are no such studies to prove that and the misconception often comes from our own inability to understand how pornography helps. This is perhaps the biggest myth of all. It is said that people who watch porn are more likely to commit sexual offences. This is false at the basic level of logic, because porn actually provides sexual release. It is doing the opposite of increasing libido to such a level that a person actually descends to committing a sexual offense. Moreover, no clear link by research has ever been drawn between the two facts.

Pornography is simply a mode of entertainment that is good in moderation said by the lovely and sexy girls at St. John’s Wood Escorts Agency. Nothing is good in excess, and unless it becomes an addiction, it is a healthy habit, and such myths should be busted once and for all.…