Suffering domestic violence- Ilford Escorts



There are two types of domestic violence, psychologically and physically, Ilford Escorts says. However, too often, they can join together. A woman marries a charming man with whom she befriends the office, Ilford Escorts says. He was previously married, he said, but his wife was a terrible woman who had just come out. The woman was soft-hearted and she told the story of her first marriage in such a way that she attracted her heart. He knows one thing for sure, Ilford Escorts of says. He would never treat him as his first wife. They go on dates together. He gave him a box of beautiful chocolates, sometimes jewellery and fell to the hook, rope and George, Ilford Escorts says. Yes, he must admit that he is rather dominant, but that is what most men have to do. He feels safe with him. This is the type of “responsible”. In the end they got married, and all they could see through their pink glasses was a year of family happiness that stretched before them, Ilford Escorts says. Then several things happened. He began to discourage him from seeing his friends. At this point, he shrugs because, as he said, they belong to each other. It is enough? Then one day he offered to invite his parents to dinner. He reluctantly agreed. That night was like a wet blanket. He rarely spoke and his parents were clearly confused, Ilford Escorts says. They left as soon as possible, and after they left, he told them that he did not want to see them again. “Didn’t you hear how they treated me? “One or two days he found it with his mother on the phone. He waited until the conversation was over and then slapped his mouth. He immediately regretted, apologized everywhere and swore that he would never do anything bad again. He still believed that he could calm the animal, but in reality he could not, Ilford Escorts says. Now it’s time to leave. Someone is really safe. Because of that, everything will go down. That’s why you need to pack the bag, leave a note if you want, but leave the house immediately. Do you suffer from domestic violence? If so, then go, leave it. Oh, he came with all the old rumours. “Without me you are nothing. Leave me and I will kill myself. I am very sorry. I never want to hurt you, Ilford Escorts says. But that does not mean a word. We hope you have found a bank account in your name. But whatever the situation, go to your parents or good friends, take a telephone book and see if you can find a safe home for women who are victims of violence, Ilford Escorts says. If you can’t, go to the police station and ask. You need to know about one in the area. But whatever you do, don’t let him get you back. He hit you once and it could get worse, Ilford Escorts says.

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