Are we still too hung about sexual taboos, and what are sexual taboos anyway?

Speaking to a group of West Midland escorts the other day, lead me to believe that we are still too hung up about so called sexual taboos. It seems that even West Midland escorts raise their eyebrows when a gay guy or a lesbian lady gets married. Why should we have to do that in this day and age, and why is this such fundamental part of the human psyche? It is an interesting issue, and I thought that we should discuss this issue in this article. Why are we so hung up?

Your taste is not my taste

Talking to the West Midland escorts I soon realized that we have different sexual tastes, and we may even have different “turn on triggers”. My turn on trigger is a pair of nice biceps on a man, but some ladies may have to go to the more extreme. I have a girlfriend who just can’t get turned on unless her husband wears something black in bed. Okay, these are not sexual taboos but, like I said to the West Midland escorts, it shows that we have different things that turn us on. Domination is becoming very popular, and I often wonder if this is a hidden part of many peoples’ make up. I asked the West Midland escorts to find out how many of their dates were turned on by a bit of domination as I thought that might make an interesting experiment. Nearly all of the West Midland escorts reported back, and said that the majority of their dates, said that they got turned on my dominant women. It is probably true that both men and women can get turned on by a bit of gentle domination, but most of us do not go to the extremes of dominatrix games.

So what about couples who need more than one partner in their love making? I told the West Midland escorts that I had recently spoken to a group of swingers, and they got turned on by having others joining them during the sex. Not all of them needed the third person to participate, but they wanted to be watched. One of the West Midland escorts that this was taboo, but I asked her if she had ever watched a porn movie. She said yes, so what is she actually doing? She is watching other people having sex even though she is not doing it herself. Homosexuality has been with us for such a long time, and it makes me wonder if it hasn’t always been part of our cultural. Most countries around the world still consider it a taboo, and some of the West Midland escorts said that they were turned off by it. Well, it could be that it is just the way we have been brought up and taught to consider homosexuality as a taboo. I fail to see how something such as homosexuality or swinging, which have both been with us for thousands of years can be taboo. At the end of the day, like I told West Midland escorts, no one is getting hurt.

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