I am not rushing into love but I am hoping to be with someone who would love me being a London escort

Yes it is hard for me to leave me abusive husband but later on I realised that sometimes love means letting go. It’s really hard seeing your love one being with somebody else but if that is the only way to give your lover a second chance then why not. Maybe he might find himself in the presence of others. Maybe you are not worth of him that he can’t change for you. I realized that loving someone doesn’t mean prison him or her in your arms because nothing will prosper of they wouldn’t be freely give themselves to you. Being a London escort helps me realized a lot of stuff in the world. One thing of it is always being in love with you. Don’t think too much of your lover because you’ll end up nothing. I thought I would be happier being on his arms but I was wrong. I was wrong giving all myself to him. Marrying him is a regret of mine. I thought we could be that loving and happy couple of all times. Maybe we are not destined to be together and I have to accept that. He has this strong personality that he wouldn’t let you know what he really feels and I have to adopt it every time. I realized that I can be tough too the way he did.  I know that it’s the hardest thing I ever decided but it set me free. I never thought I was in prison with my own love. Being a London escort helps me to overcome everything I went through in my marriage life. I am 28 years old now, and I am happy of my life. Good thing is that I was given a chance to start again. Good thing is that I become a London escort. I am happy being a London escort because it leads me to the good choices of life. I am happy being a London escort because I will not think too much. For me being a London escort helps me decide to become a good person. I will not let anyone ruin the love I can’t stop but be thankful of my experiences in try past because it mold me to become who I am today. I am nothing if I never become a London escort. London escort helps me see a lot of people undergoing the same thing with me. I am very happy that I found my happiness not in my marriage life but in my career in life. I hope to still fund the love of my life soon. I am not rushing into it but I am praying that someday I will find the perfect man for me. I am hoping that I would be someone who would love and appreciate me. But for now I am just happy being a London escort. Every day of my life now is full of love and happiness; I found lots of friends in this family. I have earned and save money for my future. I cannot thank enough for the people who is. There for me the whole time.

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