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I believe that way too many men and women believe that after you are married, the connection that you had with your fiancé becomes intimate, and they all lived happily ever after.  It’d be nice if this was what occurred but truth is not like this.  Hammersmith escorts from state that real life is not exactly what you see at the films, it is not what you see from the soaps, it can be difficult work, although it does have its own rewards.  Your union is a work in progress and should you’d like a long and happy union then it will continue to be a work in progress.  Your relationship with your partner up to this point was a learning curve.  You learnt almost everything to know about your spouse, their interests, their likes and dislikes, their customs and naturally your compatibility.

The real relationship starts on the day that you just get married.   If you weren’t living together previously then you are spending much more time together, you may not have the ability to go out with friends and family as frequently, you’re learning that there is no more I, there is us.  Now this does not necessarily mean that you are going to need to combine your identities, can you imagine how boring a relationship that would be! Hammersmith escorts say that you might be two equal halves of the connection but you still remain separate individual with your own wants and emotions.  To accomplish a happy marriage, you’ve got work in partnership with each other.   Whether you want it or not you are going to assert, how your union progresses depend upon how you manage conflict.

You could try and dismiss problems, pretend they don’t exist, and the only problem is that does not eliminate them.  The more that you take to address a problem, the more opportunity it has to poison your relationship. Hammersmith escorts said that if you want to deal with problems effectively you have to deal with them peacefully and rationally, take one at a time, don’t play the blame game and look to attain a compromise where both of you are happy and both of you are able to say, we coped with this, collectively.  Your marriage might be a never ending work in progress but I think that it is worth it.  Treat your spouse with affection and respect, every day inform them that you love them, accept the defects in your spouse as they have to accept yours, learn how to compromise and work for solutions that strengthen your relationship, should you make a mistake or in the heat of the moment hurt their feelings then apologize, regardless of what is happening in your own lives spend a quality time together and communicate, communicate, communicate.  And most importantly of all, have a happy and long life together.

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