Why do girls become West Midland escorts

I guess each case is personal, but I became low priced local escorts because I love dressing up for men. It is almost like a little fetish that I have got. When did it start? I think that it started when I was fairly young, and used to dress up in pretty dresses for my daddy. My mum had this thing about buying me dresses, and like so many other little girls, I liked wearing them. When I got a little bit older, I joined an amateur dramatic society in our town, and discovered that I loved acting. Unfortunately, I could not find a job locally, so I ended up in beauty college in West Midland, it was during this time I got involved with West Midland escorts, and eventually ended up working for a West Midland escorts service.


Escorting came naturally to me, and it was not long before I was the rising star at the escort service in West Midland. What did I spend my earnings on? You guessed it – I spent my money on clothes. I still spend a lot of my money on clothes, but now I am more into designer brands. Most of the girls who work for our West Midland escorts service do a lot of regular dating but I am mainly into business dating. I love business dating. It gives me a chance to dress up and look great for my dates, and as I have a good figure, I look good in most designs.


The rest of the girls at our West Midland escorts service don’t spend as much money as I do on looking good for their dates, and I guess that is why some of them have fewer dates than me. Does dressing up make me feel sexy? Yes, it does, and ultimately I guess that is the reason why I do it.


Let me be completely honest and say that it does actually turn me on. How can clothes turn you? I really don’t know why I get so turned on by clothes, but some clothes have a certain feel to them. Designer clothes can make you feel very sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Also, I think they boost your confidence and that is important when you work for a West Midland escorts service, Do I like sexy lingerie? Sexually lingerie is certainly important to me, and I buy a lot of it.


I have this thing about matching always wearing a matching bra and knickers. The perfect lingerie assemble can make you feel really sexy and I guess that is what I go for. All of the lingerie I wear at West Midland escorts come from top West Midland stores such as Rigby and Pellier, and I never buy lingerie from stores like Marks and Spencer. It does nothing for me at all. Sure, I know I am a bit of a clothes snob, but I only dress up for men to give them pleasure.

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