Are Pubs Going Out of Fashion

Where are the men who like to date London escorts less likely to take their sexy companions? It seems that pubs are going out of fashion. More and more pubs in London are closing as folk are opting for private clubs and cocktail bars. Taking a hot girl from London escorts used to be a popular night out for many men in London. Increasingly more of us than ever before are ditching the pub and even staying at home to have a drink.

Sure, it is expensive to go out to the pub. Take a look around London, and you will find that cocktail bars run more promotions than pubs. This is just one of the many reasons you see so many London escorts hang out in cocktail bars instead of pubs. The Buy One Get One Free culture has spread from the supermarket to London’s cocktails and everywhere you go in London, you will spot people making the most of it. It is not only the gents who like to book London escorts who like to go out to cocktail bars, but many London escorts also like to have a fun girls’ night out in London’s cocktail bars.

But, there is more to London’s new cocktail bar culture. It is not only London escorts who think that drinking cocktails is a much more sophisticated way of celebrating a night out. You are just as likely to find a group of office girls enjoying a cocktail or two. However, charlotte escorts really do have a fetish about cocktail bars. Maybe it has something to do with the name or perhaps the fact that cocktails bars do stay open a bit later than many London pubs.

What is the most popular drink London escorts like to enjoy in a cocktail bar? Although champagne cocktails are popular with most of the most wildest London escorts, there are many London escorts who really love gin and tonics. It is a refreshing drink which tastes great at any time of the day and it is not going to get you too drunk. Also, there is an interesting selection of craft gins around these days.

Thanks to more innovating distilling techniques, the gin industry in the UK has undergone a real revival. More people than ever before are enjoying the taste of gin and that includes the best and elite London escorts. You can choose some really exciting tastes and that includes strawberry and rhubarb. As a matter of fact, some say that gin is now Britain’s second favorite drink after beer. As new gins keep popping up, gin is drunk more at home and in bars up and down Britain. The gin industry in the UK is now worth millions of pounds and if you are thinking about investing in a drinks product, it may be a good idea to invest in.

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