London escorts really had their heads screwed on

Sitting curled up on the sofa the other night, I took the chance to watch a program about transvestites. It is not really the sort of thing my husband is into so I am glad that he was out with his friends. It was one of his friend’s birthday, and I was sure that they were having friends. The first part of the program was about London escorts and their views on sexuality. They seemed really nice and they were not what I had expected at all. It seemed to me that most London escorts from really had their heads screwed on. Not only did you get a chance to hear from female London escorts, you also got a look into the world of male London escorts. What I had not realized was that a lot of them were bisexual and some were even transvestites.
It turned out that many women liked to date men who were not threatening and that is how they say trans male London escorts. I got that and thought it might make a perfect night out for me and the girls if we fancied a night out on the tiles in London.
The next part of the problem dealt with transvestite guys only and it was not long before I heard a voice that I recognized. He was in a part of male London escorts with his friends and to my surprise, I realized that it was my husband. Sure, he was rather flushed at the moment, and I had been wondering where he was getting his cash from.
Surely, he was not working for a male London escorts service when he was meant to be out with his mates. I was totally taken back, but to be fair to him, he looked as a woman. The fact that he may be spending his time working for a male London escorts was something I had to take up with him., But when I really thought about it, I could actually handle going out with my husband as a woman. Did it turn me on? In fact, it did turn me on, but I did not know how to handle the situation at all.
When my husband came home that evening, I took a little bit closer look at him. Had he been dressing up, and more than anything had he been dating on behalf of male London escorts? I checked his pockets for cash, and found that he had a large number of notes in his possession. Tomorrow we would have a chat. I would show him the program on the catch up service and ask him what was going on. Was the guy, or girl, in the purple dress really my husband? Oh well, sometimes life becomes more exciting than you expect. If he was trans, it was okay by me. We would not tell next doors but we could perhaps have fun in our own company. After all, it is not every girl who can have a girlfriend and a husband.

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