London escorts shared some race horse tips

There may perhaps be a few basic questions that you would like answers to. For instance, do you need to wear stilettos all of the time? Wearing stilettos is not strictly a requirement of being an escort. I often wear stilettos, but there are times when I don’t wear them. When I go on a dinner date, I may for instance wear a pair of smart high heeled sandals instead.


What about working hours? It is important to know that if you would like to be a successful escort, you need to put in the hours just like you would have to do in another business. To make the most out of my London escorts career, I often work evenings and nights. That gives me free time at the weekends. Not all weekends are quiet at an escort agency, but you will find that you will be busier from Monday to Friday when you are an escort.


What about tips? You may have heard rumors that escorts to get a lot of tips, and I am not talking about race horse tips such as what horse is going to win the 5.30 race at Kempton. Many of the nice gentlemen I date girls at London escorts service do give me tips. Some of the tips come in the form of money, and others are gifts. Receiving gifts is fine, and to be fair, I can’t remember the last time I had to buy a body lotion. If a gentleman really appreciates your attention, you may find you will jeweler or the odd hand bag.


Do you have to be super skinny to be an escort? Not all gentlemen like super skinny girls. We have a few girls here at London escorts who are well rounded, and very curvy. In fact, they get as many dates as skinny girls at the escort agency in London. Don’t presume that all gentlemen like skinny girls. That is not true at all. All gentlemen I have met have different tastes, and if you stop and think about it, it is only natural. I am sure you appreciate that not all ladies have the same taste in men.


How do you get into escorting? It helps if you have some previous experience of looking after gentlemen. Before I worked for London escorts I did various jobs around London. I even worked in a supermarket, and it was a great way to learn how to deal with people. After that I worked as a hostess in a posh club in London. From there I sort of drifted into escorting. Above all, it is important to love what you do. You can have a really great career as an escort, if you like what you do. Not very different from any other job or occupation when I come to think about it. Remember to love the one you are with if you know what I mean.

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