Most of the girls at London escorts did not start out as escorts

It is a big misconception to think that all girls go into an elite agency such as London escorts and get a job straight away. Most of the girls that I have recruited for our escort agency here in London have come from other walks of life. In many ways, that is what makes working in the adult entertainment industry in London so exciting.   Like so many other owners of escorts services in London, looking out for and trying to find new talent can be a full time job. I don’t like to recruit girls who have too much experience of escorting as many of them come across as too mechanical. None of the gents who use our London escorts service like to date girls who are on auto pilot, and I know that I would not like that myself. That is why I try to recruit girls for elite London escorts from all walks of life. To be honest, so far I think that it has worked and elite London escorts is doing really well. Is it easy to find new escorts? I cannot say that it is easy to find new escorts at all. As a matter of fact, I think that it is hard to find good quality and sexy girls to work as London escorts from We do have a recruitment part of our website, but that is not where I find most of my new London escorts. To find the prettiest and sexiest girls, I often take my head out of gear and totally go away from London escorts for a few days.


Where do you find London Escorts? To find the best talent for London escorts, I check out places like lap dance clubs and pole dance clubs. You can find some really pretty girls working in places like that. Many of the girls who work for lap dance clubs are friendly and that is just what we need at London escorts. The girls that I recruit from lap dance clubs are never worried about getting close and personal with the gents who like to meet up with London escorts. That is very important. Not all of the gents who like to date London escorts have the same kind of background. Many of our regulars at London escorts are very sophisticated gents and they love to meet up with classy girls. When I need class girls for London escorts, I often turn to private hostess clubs in and around London. Many of the girls who work for private clubs are very sophisticated and used to dealing with fine gents. After all, London in London is a very affluent area and we need to reflect that at London escorts.


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