Working at Slough escorts

I am sure that there are a couple of big agencies in London that could do with employing adult stars, but I am sure that none of the gents that I date at Slough escorts from, would like to date them. Yes, the girls are very pretty but they stand out too much. Here it is not about being the sexiest or standing out at all. The gents that I meet here at the agency prefer us to be kind of discreet and be nice. Yes, they want to have fun but I am not sure they would like to have adult star style. When I go out on a date with a gent, we may go for a meal and after that we have some personal time. During the weekend I date a lot of gents who work in places like London, and I honestly cannot see them being into adult star dating. They are sort of a bit older and most of them just date Slough escorts for some sexy companionship. I think that most of them would feel uncomfortable when it comes to taking out a former adult star, and I don’t they would.


Lots of English girls who used to work as adult stars in the United States are beginning to return. They all say that they cannot get jobs anymore, and this is the main reason why they are coming back to the UK. The boss at the Slough escorts services that I work for, is thinking about employing a couple of them. He thinks it would be cool to have a couple of adult stars working for the agency, but I am not so sure that are gents are so keen. Slough escorts are not really about adult stars, it is more about supplying escorts services for local gents.


Younger guys

I do think some of the younger guys that I date during the week, would like to date adult star. When I say some, I do mean some. I have spoken to some of the younger guys that I date here at Slough escorts, and even though they watch adult movies, they seem to be less keen to date a adult star. They say that is something they like to think about in the privacy of their own homes, or talk about on a night with their friends. The majority of them also think that the boss is a bit nuts. The boss of Slough escorts, used to go out with this really pretty girl and she went to the States to work as a adult star. I think that ever since then he has been a bit obsessed about adult stars, and it is a bit like he is trying to relive his younger years. Personally, I don’t that is going to happen but he might end up with a lot of trouble instead. Some of the girls that I have met have really been a bit too much, and I simply don’t think that they would fit in here at all.


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