Honestly, there are days when I wonder how far feminism has come. Men still seem to blame their wives or partners for their own personal downfalls. I really don’t think it is far at all. It annoys me at times when I have to listen to men moaning about their problems, and expect their wives to fix them. Some of the guys I date at London escorts, still expect everything to be done for them. It is a little bit like they don’t realise society has changed at all. What is their problem?

I do think that gents have this habit of just assuming that stuff which goes wrong in their lives, is the fault of their partner. Being emotionally dumped on at London escorts is not that unusual. When I first started to work for a London escorts service, I had not realised what a bunch of moaners older guys could be. The gents I date at this particular London escorts service, have been rather successful in life, but I think a lot of that has come from having good women in their lives.

Are men needy? I would say that a lot of gents who seek out the companionship of London escorts are a bit emotionally needy. They love to seek attention and this is perhaps one of the reason they enjoy dating London escorts. By nature, most London escorts do have a habit of looking after gents, but sometimes we get tired of them as well. It does get in my nerves when I notice gents get their partners do to thing they could easily do themselves.

Also, a lot of men have this habit of blaming women when something goes wrong in their businesses. If it is your business, it is your downfall and not your wife’s. You may have asked her advice, but has she been in on it from the start? I think that women are good at running businesses but they do need to be in on things from the start. This London escorts service is run by a woman who used to be a London escorts. She is great at it. And do you know what? If something goes wrong, she always gets it sorted out.

In general, I do think men still put a lot on to women. A couple of the London escorts who have left the agency and hooked up with rich guys seem to confirm that. They have ended up being wives and secretaries. On top of that, the gents they have married often want advice. That is okay, but in that case I think that your wife should be a little bit more involved in running of the company. Women have some good ideas, and in general, I think that women notice pitfalls before men do. So, if you are married to a successful guy, perhaps you should ask for your fair share. You could in fact be the secret to his success. Stop and think about it – you know it is true….…

When I left London escorts, I did not really have a lot of career prospects to speak of as far as I was concerned. However, I had always enjoyed writing so I thought that I might give that a go. At first, I was totally unfocused and did not know what to write about. Then it dawned on me that I could write about my escorts in London career. I was not expecting the book to sell really well, and when I was rolling in money a year later, I could only say that I was totally taken back.

When my book was first published on Amazon, I was contacted by some of the gents that I had met at escorts in London. They were worried that I was going to spill the beans on them and reveal all o their sexy escorts in London liaison secrets. Like a good girl I had changed all of the names. I did not want to risk it all on one book, just in case my new career failed and I had to go back to London escorts. When I realised that it had succeeded, I did not worry too much. Perhaps some of the guys could identify themselves but why should I worry about that.

After another year, the sales started to slow down a little bit. I was just enjoying life in general and even had a boyfriend that I liked. He was a bit older than me and we had dated at London escorts for a while. He knew about the book, and was keen for me to continue my new found literary career. It was not long before I was sat at my desk penning my next London escorts ebook. This one was ever hotter than the first one, and the working title was Revelations of a London escort. It was published a couple of months later, and was soon a best seller. This time, it did not stay published as an eBook for very long. A publishing company picked up, and every time I walked past Waterstone, I had to squeeze my partner’s hand and giggle a little bit. I could not believe what I had achieved.

It was then I received an email from a London based agent. He had been approached by a Hollywood studio and they were interested in turning my London escorts novels into a movie. I had to pinch myself as I found myself on the way to Los Angeles in a first class British Airway seat. By that time, I had written my third book which was called Confessions of a London escort. It has stir both among the British press and London escorts. The girls from London escorts were anxiously wondering if they were in, and my former dates were getting concerned as well. It was just a complete work of fiction, but those guys in Hollywood certainly made my story sound true. And yes, I don’t think that I will ever be able to spend the proceeds.…

How To Boost Female Libido Naturally

Flagging libido is one of the most common complaints among women. Many ladies across different ages from 18-59 suffer the loss of interest in sex at one point in their lives. Relationship issues, job stress, and declining hormones are the most common culprits of the situation. If you are a victim of low libido, there are several natural remedies you can try such as:

Changing Diet

There are certain foods that women all over the globe swear by like:

· Ginseng- it is an herb that helps with sexual problems. It is rich in a chemical that helps the body to produce sex hormones. It is also widely popular for increasing blood circulation and providing the body with energy which is great for overall sexual health.

· Licorice root- is excellent for enhancing female libido. They are also a terrific solution for ladies who suffer from vaginal dryness because of estrogen levels fluctuating in the body.

· Figs- taking figs can do wonders to your sexual desire as they contain amino acids that contribute to boosting female libido.

Other fruits and vegetables like avocados, bananas, asparagus, celery and eggs among others, are considered aphrodisiacs because they provide the body with minerals and vitamins that boost blood flow to the genitals to enhance a healthy sex life.

Boost Self Confidence

How you view your body will affect your mood for sex. Lack of exercise combined with an unhealthy diet can make a person have a poor body image that discourages them from enjoying or even having sex in the first place. Working on your body or simply loving your body will not only boost self-esteem, but it will also drive your sexual appetite to the roof. When you focus on your attributes instead of your flaws, you will enjoy intercourse a lot more.

Do not Over Drink

Alcohol may lower your inhibitions, but it will do nothing for your libido. In fact, over drinking may be the reason why you do not enjoy a happy ending filled with orgasms. If you must drink before getting it on, stick to a single glass of wine. A little drink can help you relax, and it may also increase your interest in getting intimate.

Take Time to De-Stress

Being stressed out even when you are healthy may negatively affect your sex life. Identify your stress triggers and run away from them. You can also participate in sports you love, take a yoga class or practice karate/ tai chi to help relieve stress. With time, you will notice that your libido will increase where your desire to have sex is heightened, and you can perform like a porn star and enjoy every bit of making love or wild sex.

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